How We Handle Negotiation and Escrow
We handle the negotiation and escrow processes on your behalf to ensure your real estate transaction goes as seamlessly as possible. Here's an overview of what we are committed to doing for you:
  • Present all offers (purchase agreements) to you and advise you in negotiation as to the best possible price and terms.
  • Help reach an agreement between Buyer and Seller.
  • Ask that all potential Buyers be pre-qualified at acceptance of an offer by lender.
  • Make you aware of all the various methods of financing that your buyer may want to use.
  • Assist in the opening of Escrow; review all escrow instructions for your approval and signatures.
  • Assist in the ordering of Physical, Termite/Pest Control, City inspections; meet the inspectors, as necessary; obtain completion for all inspections.
  • Assist the Appraiser for the Buyer’s Lender and provide them with current comparable sales and market analysis to solidify our price.
  • Follow-up to ensure that the Escrow, Title work, information from the Buyer, or the Seller, are all met on a timely basis so the timeline on our contract is met as agreed.
  • Assist and help make arrangements for delivery of keys, garage door controller, and change of utility services from the Seller to the new Buyer.
  • Deliver your closing statements and check at the closing.
  • Contact you to confirm that you received all necessary documents.
  • Follow up to ensure that your real estate needs have been satisfied.
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